Hate speech and responses in Turkey

Event December 2017 with preliminary title “Hate speech in Turkey and how to deal with it”

An evaluation of the most prevalent forms hate speech in Turkey and how these affect freedom of speech in correlation with other contributing factors. What countermeasures have been explored and how could the remaining space for free speech be defended in the near future?

Time: Thursday December 7,

Place: CEU Gellner room at Nador U. 9, 1st Floor

Time: 3.30 to 6 pm, reception with drinks light food 6-7:00pm + dinner for speakers nearby at 7:30pm

Keynote speech (approximately 30 min) :

İdil Engindeniz, Ph.D. and Researcher at Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication, advisor of Hrant Dink Foundation’s Media Watch on Hate Speech project, http://cv.gsu.edu.tr/CV/idil-engindeniz

«A Panorama of Hate Speech in Turkey between 2009-2017»

Supplementary speakers (approximately 15 min each):

Didem Ünal Abaday, Ph.D. and Junior Thyssen Fellow at Institute for Advanced Study CEU and City University of New York, https://ias.ceu.edu/people/didem-unal-abaday

«How the polarized political atmosphere in Turkey affects on Islamic women’s position in society»

Aslı Karaca, PhD candidate in Comparative Politics at CEU, https://pds.ceu.edu/people/asli-karaca

«’Hate’-speech on women in Turkey and women’s resistance to keep gains intact under state-emergency (2000-2017)»

We are working to find one or two more supplementary speakers. Then we will probably add a short roundtable discussion and finish with a poetic exercise with Turkish contributions..

More details



Türkinfo Pilav ve Sohbet Günleri – Nazım Hikmet török költő és Magyarország, 2018.06.07.



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